Backtest complex ideas super-fast

Our rapid prototyping framework ensures that complex ideas can be expressed as lines of code super-fast and are ready to be tested in a flash.

Apply smart Machine Learning methods to search for high-probability trades

Our models assign a probability of winning to every signal generated by a base investment strategy, and by trading only those signals that have the highest probabilities of winning, one can significantly improve the performance of the base investment strategy.

State of the art research infrastructure allows scalability

Our comprehensive hardware and software infrastructure enables testing strategies at scale, which means one can focus on the strategies rather than worrying about setting up the infrastructure.

Ideation to execution becomes effortless and quick

Easy prototyping tools coupled with seamless research-to-execution workflows minimize the lead time from ideation to execution

Modular and reusable components

Cleaned data, factors, strategies, risk management rules, predictive models, etc. are all objects that once built can easily be reused in other places by other team members, thus completely eliminating the need to rebuild these components.

Consistency between Backtesting and Production

Years of learning have allowed us to fine-tune our systems and produce backtest performance that closely replicates live performance. As a result, our backtests are highly robust and reliable.

Team of quant experts can solve virtually any quant challenge

Our team of experts have a rich experience in solving a variety of quant problems, which enables them to tackle any new challenge by relying on their rich experience of having done it for decades.

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