company overview

Algo One is a quantitative investment research firm, that specializes in building bespoke AI & ML solutions. We boast of a quantitative investment pipeline that delivers a complete end-to-end investment solution and is used to build custom, complex, cutting-edge, quantitative systems for all kinds of trading and investing problems.

At Algo One, we believe that the future of trading and investment lies in the application of advanced artificial intelligence methods and quantitative processes, and it is in this very domain that we strive to become the market leaders.

We believe that we can look at financial time series data in ways that not many can. Our investment strategies involve the application of theories and models from different scientific fields like artificial intelligence, signal processing, pattern recognition and statistics.

An Evolved Investment Process

We have developed a holistic investment process with machine learning at its backbone, and the process is embedded with strong risk controls at multiple levels. Our in-house best practices ensure that outcomes have a high probability of delivering future performance.

Comprehensive Research Infrastrcuture

Our comprehensive, in-house research infrastructure, with rigorous coverage of every aspect of the investment process, has been built through extensive efforts over 30+ years, and spans 1 mn+ lines of code. The infrastructure built for efficiency and quick deployment, and is extremely scalable and customizable.

Risk Mitigation

We are obsessed with managing risks. To us, risk is not short-term market volatility. We look at risk as the permanent loss of capital. Risk mitigation is a critical function at multiple steps in the investment process. Risk management best practices help mitigate risks at trade, strategy and portfolio levels.

Systematic Approach

Algo One follows a disciplined and systematic approach in all its quant models and delivers investment products that can run in an automated fashion with minimal human discretion involved.

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