We apply the scientific methods to investing which involves building hypothesis around various financial markets and proving/disproving them on a continuous basis. We only trade ideas and theories that we can test and prove. We act on evidence and strive to model and understand all aspects of the investment universe.

We believe that we can look at financial time series data in ways that not many can. Our investment strategies involve the application of theories and models from different scientific fields like artificial intelligence, signal processing, pattern recognition and statistics.

More About Us

Quantitative Investing

Algo One specializes in development of Quantitative Investment Solutions that can consistently deliver long term capital appreciation through superior returns and low volatility

Systematic Approach

Algo One follows a disciplined and systematic approach in all its quant models and delivers investment products that can run in an automated fashion with minimal human discretion involved

Diversified Portfolio

Algo One provides investment solutions that are diversified across various asset classes viz. equities, commodities, forex and fixed income across Indian and global financial markets