As an investment manager, one always has more ideas than the time to build and test those ideas rigorously and comprehensively.

That is where our capabilities come in: whatever the problem statement, we draw upon our deep expertise of several decades, and build a solution for each specific use case.

Our systems rely on state-of-the-art machine learning methods across the pipeline.

We boast of a quantitative investment pipeline that delivers a complete end-to-end investment solution and is used to build custom, complex, cutting-edge, quantitative systems for all kinds of trading and investing problems.

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Full Quant Lifecycle

Our exhaustive platform enables the development of the entire quant lifecycle in a single platform, thus eliminating friction and inefficiencies and enabling speed and flexibility

Robust Backtesting

An event driven backtesting workflow avoids common backtesting biases and enables time and memory efficiency

Intelligent Predictive Models

Machine learning driven predictive models allow us to supercharge simple investment strategies by assigning a probability of winning to each signal and trading the highest probability signals only

Risk Management Systems

Extensive multi-layered risk management coupled with pre-deployment stress testing allows a deep understanding of the risks underlying the investment strategy